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Times of change. A letter to all you wonder patrons and artists.

Posted by Véronique Vanblaere on

1998 on 1st Ave N. 

This was one of the hardest decisions I have had to take in my entire life,
but a few days ago, I made up my mind
that it is time to soon close the gallery.

It's been twenty wonderful creative years, over which,
I have been putting countless hours each week running, promoting the gallery,
its artists and the neighborhoods we invaded over the years
by creating festivals and organizing events.

All this time, I was also trying to find time for my own creativity.
I feel like I have given all I had and I am now more than ready
to take my turn at being a full time artist.

I have tremendously benefited from meeting every one of you,
and will always be thankful for your continous support
that amazingly kept this little gallery going for 20 years.

I have made friends and created relationships for life.
I will always be thankful and never regret every moment
of this huge part of my life.

We are gearing to close on May 1st.
For the time being, the gallery will keep functioning
regular hours Wednesday through Saturday,
and all the shows through the end of March will remain in place:
Microlove", "Boss of Me, a show about cats" and "Yard Art".
I hope you will come and celebrate the love of art with us
every chance you get, because I sure enjoy your company
and want to create some final spectacular memories.

It's not the end, it's a new beginning.
If you know me, you can be certain that a new project
is always around the corner, as it is impossible for me to sit still. 



A few memories of where we started..


Creative spirit included

Our building will soon be for sale
by Rick Lovelady (because he has the coolest business card)
(205) 542-4312
at Walton Brown Real Estate.
Make sure to keep an eye
on our upcoming emails
for more details. Sign up here.

Please join us for our last few art openings!

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