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Not a dear John Letter!

Posted by Véronique Vanblaere on

From Véro:
"You have told me how sad you are to have lost your Naked Art, I do understand that feeling because I too will miss it. What I will miss the most is being around an entire community of art lovers, artists and friends on a daily basis. But the business part of it, I will not miss. Unfortunately this part has been eating most of my time and creative energy. I am at a point in my life where I feel I have used all I had in the tank and have to start focusing 100% at making projects happen rather than storing them in hundreds of "one day" notebooks. 
You will never measure how much I am thankful to everyone who ever was bold enough to walk into a gallery named Naked Art and embrace its quirkiness rather than laugh and leave, who supported us and our artists by taking a piece home and eventually who became regulars.
You will still be able to follow all these artists, as you know everyone is on social media these days, but independent places around town like Filter Coffee Parlor, Lucy’s Coffee Shop and Alabama Goods are good places to start looking. Of course there will be pop-ups, like with Forstall Art Center, and festivals like Artwalk to find most everyone. I certainly will be part of all that! And never hesitate to contact me through anything "Véro the Traveling Artist" (facebook, Instagram, email) if you need any Mind Traveler print, light switch plate, painting, mural or custom order! Free deliveries within bicycle distance or you can pick up at my Avondale studio!
I hope you will celebrate with me the happy memories that Naked Art gave us over twenty years. Thank you for being a huge part of creating them! I know I will see you very soon in our Magic City!"


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