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Other works

Véro creates murals, wearable sculpture, art installations,
short animations films and tattoo pops-up.

Outdoor mural downtown Birmingham, AL

"Good Bug". Outdoor mural downtown Birmingham, AL
Click on image to order merchandise with this design.

"Frida". Outdoor mural at a private residence

"A place to be". Outdoor mural at a private residence.

Indoor murals for Tau Poco restaurant


Wearable sculpture

Giant puppet head

Parading installation

"Christmas in La La Land"
Window installation at Filter Coffee Parlor.

Design for a real tattoo


Henna pen tattoo

Contact me for a Henna pen Tattoos pop up

Bottomless is Véro's first short animation film.
It is a true story based on Véro's experience of transferring from one culture to another, with all its comical misunderstandings and miscommunications. It screened at over 27 festivals around the world, including the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, in the American Pavilion's Short Corner. Click here to see Bottomless!

Space Wind is an animated (3D puppet-like props) and live action short.
It was filmed in Birmingham with an all local female cast and crew.