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There's no place like earth.
An educational art show about the importance
to respect our environment and save our planet.

April 4th - 30th, 2022.

A series of 19 paintings that took a year to conceptualize and create, it was supposed to be featured at Rojo on June 4th, 2020. 

This show is finally happening! 
Opening reception: Thursday April 6th, 5 to 9 pm

Rojo (side room) 2921 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205


Pop-up on demand!

If you need anything, I'm always happy to put some things out on the porch for you to have your own personal shopping spree. It's instant POP-UP! Just email me at verothetravelingartistATgmailDOTcom

You can request to see anything that is available for sale and in stock on the website, whether it's a bunch of stickers, a display of light switch plates, a box of Mind Travelers prints or all the drawings I have.

Honor system: pay with Venmo or cash/check in the mail slot

Located in Avondale. 

Online and custom orders can always be picked-up at your convenience.
There is a crate just for that.

Thank you for your support!