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Japan series - Sake - original drawing

Japan series - Sake - original drawing

By Veronique Vanblaere
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Drinking plays an important role in Japanese culture. Drinking parties are often held at izakayas (a type of bar that serves Japanese bar food) are used to strengthen what we call “team building” in the States. It’s actually perfectly acceptable to come to work completely hungover the next day, as long as you show up. A large variety of alcoholic beverages can be found in Japan. Some of the most popular ones are featured here. 

Drawing in ink and watercolor on watercolor paper. 5X7" matted to 8x10”.

I usually draw a few of each illustration instead of making prints, as it allows my customers to get an original drawing at an affordable price, which end up being less than what a print would cost. And each is still unique.


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